Easy ways to get a new trade license in Dubai, UAE 

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UAE trade license is a mandatory requirement for every business organization in the UAE. Starting a business in the UAE is an exciting and profitable prospect. However, due importance must be given to learning about UAE business licenses and permits. To get a new trade license in Dubai or anywhere else in the UAE, proper documentation is also a must. 

The UAE has many commercial jurisdictions, and each has its own licensing requirements. These requirements may vary depending on the industry, structure of the business, business activity, and so on. Business licenses in the UAE are issued by the governing bodies of each of these jurisdictions and are further classified based on business activity. For example, registering a consultancy requires a consultancy license in Dubai whereas trading companies must apply for a general trading license in Dubai.  

Free zone license in UAE 

UAE and Dubai free zones were developed with the aim of diversifying the economy and attracting foreign investment. There are over 45, world-class free zones in the UAE. Dubai free zone licenses permit 100% foreign ownership and exemption on import and export duty. Affordable Dubai free zone license costs and the option to select multiple activities under one license make free zone company registration a popular choice.  

Offshore license in UAE 

The offshore license in UAE is ideal for investors wanting to capitalize on the international markets and secure funds. Getting an offshore license in UAE creates prospects to yield long-term profits, safeguard investments, and create extended commercial alliances. 

Four types of trade licenses in the UAE 

  • Commercial Trade License in UAE is issued to companies involved in any type of commercial or trade activities. 
  • Industrial Trade License in UAE is issued to companies that engage in manufacturing, production, fabricating, or any such industrial activity. 
  • Professional Trade License in UAE is issued to service-oriented companies such as consultancies, media agencies, and medical clinics. 
  • Tourism Trade License in UAE is issued to companies operating in the tourism and hospitality industry. 

 Cost of business license in Dubai 

Your Dubai business license cost is determined by the business activity you select, the jurisdiction you want to operate in, the number of visas you require, and other factors. To get an estimate for your Dubai business license fees, get in touch with one of our company formation experts.  

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