Moving Your UK Business to Dubai

Moving Your UK Business to Dubai

Dubai provides fantastic company and job opportunities, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and a luxurious lifestyle. If you’re ready to work hard and be committed, it’s one of the Middle East’s most vibrant cities and an excellent location to start a family. The issue of how to relocate your UK company to Dubai is still open. 

Moving Your UK Business to Dubai is a thrilling move that may lead to new possibilities. This guide will take you through all the steps required to make your transfer happen, whether you’re looking for a shift or want to try something new. 

Why Should You Move to Dubai from the UK for Business? 

The most developed and popular Emirate of the UAE is Dubai, and the city is a great location to live, work, and have fun. There are top-notch facilities, a lot of business opportunities across various industries, and a high standard of living available. Let’s briefly go over some convincing arguments for Moving Your UK Business to Dubai. 

Regulations Are Designed for Empowering Business 

Government plays a significant part in any company’s capacity to thrive and attain sustainability. The municipal governments in the UAE have put in place laws and policies that are favorable to industry. For instance, foreign nationals seeking to incorporate a company in Dubai can do so in as little as two weeks, in some instances less. 

Even so, setting up a business in Dubai can take some time, particularly if you’re not acquainted with the rules regarding ownership arrangements and incorporation. Therefore, hiring a representative is always a good option for fast business creation and flexible immigration. 

Access to a Large Talent Pool 

It should come as no surprise that the UAE has one of the world’s biggest talent groups, making the choice to establish a business in Dubai sensible, particularly if you intend to launch local operations. Professionals from all over the world—both experienced and unskilled—flock to Dubai in search of work. 

It’s fair to say that you will almost certainly find skilled labor and staff members who are eager to learn more so they can advance in their careers and become better at what they do. A growing group of highly educated workers also graduate from colleges in the United Arab Emirates. 

Stable Economy & Visionary Government 

There is no reason why you should pass up the chance to join the UAE’s varied and self-sufficient economy, which is home to nearly all of the world’s largest businesses. This is largely attributable to the government of the United Arab Emirates, and specifically the government of Dubai, fulfilling its pledges of wealth and livelihood. 

Numerous company models are thriving in the area as a result of the expanding populace and local demand. To ensure that the highest industry standards are reached, specialized zones and industrial regions are strictly controlled. This explains why the UAE is known for setting benchmarks for excellence in a variety of sectors, including shopping, FMCG, and finance. 

Lucrative Investment Opportunities 

This means that UK companies moving to Dubai can take advantage of the government’s assistance in locating and gaining access to lucrative funding possibilities across various sectors. With the aid of these plans, businesses can find prospective investments that complement their objectives and strategies and gain access to the money and other resources they need to launch successful enterprises.  

Additionally, the government’s dedication to fostering domestic company expansion and foreign investment has produced a favorable business climate that is supportive of success. Overall, Dubai is a highly appealing location for UK companies looking to grow their operations and enter new markets due to its support services and access to investment possibilities. 

Free Zone Benefits 

Starting a company in one of the 38 free zones in the UAE entitles you to full tax exemptions on revenue from withholding, exports, corporations, and individuals. Additionally, you are free from paying corporate taxes for 50 years following the formation of your business. 

One of the main benefits of relocating to a free zone may be the ability to retain total foreign control while out of the nation. Choosing to establish a company in Dubai requires careful consideration, particularly if you choose to incorporate in a free zone. You can make a reputation for yourself in the industry with the proper company structure, strategic business consulting, and assistance from registration to operation. 

How to Set Up a Business in Dubai? 

After moving to Dubai from the UK, you’ll probably want to start a company. But doing business in Dubai demands thoughtful planning and a methodical strategy. The actions you need to perform are as follows: 

1. Choose a Field When Planning to Move to Dubai 

You must choose between a professional service, a trading business, or an industrial activity. You must select the company that best suits your abilities and Dubai. You might need to meet extra licensing requirements or certifications depending on your chosen business. 

2. Choose your Business Location 

Generally speaking, you will have choices for where to locate your business: a free zone or the mainland. 

Free zones:  

Free zones are unique economic zones in Dubai where companies can take advantage of a number of financial and regulatory advantages. They are perfect for international businesses that want to launch their operations swiftly and simply. 


If you choose the mainland, the UAE’s commercial rules and other government policies will apply to your company. Al Barsha, Jumeirah Lake Towers, and Business Bay are just a few options among many in Dubai. 

Each choice has a unique collection of benefits and drawbacks. Before selecting a place, it is crucial to thoroughly weigh your options and business requirements. 

3. Define the company structure 

Before you begin the process of establishing a business in Dubai, you must determine the structure of the firm. The most prevalent legal forms are Free Zone Companies and Limited Liability Companies (LLC). While foreign investors can own 100% of an LLC, 51% of UAE citizens and 49% of LLCs in free zones are held by foreign investors. 

4. Naming and initial approval 

After deciding on the appropriate sector, you must register your company name. It must be special and have a significance associated with your business. For many different company models, you can get early approval without having to lease a space. The original approval document can then be used to request any additional approvals required and to lease a space. 

5. Paperwork and Licensing 

A few documents must be gathered and submitted along with your registration. These consist of copies of passports, visa applications, bank accounts, address proof, business plans, tenancy agreements, and financial projections. 

After completing all of the required paperwork and receiving preliminary clearance, you must apply for a permit with Dubai Economy and Tourism (DED). Depending on the business form you select, this might entail submitting additional paperwork. In Dubai, there are three main permit categories to choose from: 

  1. Professional license 
  2. Commercial license 
  3. Industrial license 

6. Bank account and visa 

Finally, you must apply for the necessary visas and open a corporate or retail bank account for your business or professional endeavor. Emirates NBD, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, Commercial Bank of Dubai, Noor Bank, and Ajman Bank are a few well-known regional institutions in the United Arab Emirates. Additionally, you can pick one of the foreign financial institutions working in Dubai, like HSBC, Citibank, or Barclays. 


For those seeking to grow their operations and enter new markets, relocating to Dubai from the UK can be a wise decision. Dubai has many advantages, such as a friendly tax system, a helpful government, and access to profitable investment possibilities in numerous sectors.  

To ensure a smooth and effective relocation, it is crucial to comprehend the legal and societal distinctions between the UK and the UAE and to work with qualified experts. UK companies can prosper and achieve long-term development and profitability by taking advantage of the possibilities that Dubai provides.  

Therefore, if you’re thinking about moving to Dubai from the UK for business opportunities, do your study, get expert guidance, and benefit from everything this vibrant city has to offer.


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