Business Visa in Dubai: Types, Cost, and Requirement

Business Visa in Dubai

A business visa in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is a type of residence permit that enables foreign nationals to live there for a set period of time. A business visa in UAE has numerous advantages, but the main one is the ability to extend your stay. The requirement for a longer stay is necessary for the efficient conduct of business in the city. 

The influx of tourists, who later become residents and investors, has a direct influence on the emirate’s economic development. As a consequence, company owners who possess an investor visa may efficiently manage the complexities of their day-to-day operations. 

Benefits of a UAE Business Visa  

The UAE government wants to establish Dubai as a premier location for international business development. As a result, many international residents eager to establish themselves in Dubai have been drawn to the area throughout time. Furthermore, the prospect of long-term residence in Dubai gives potential investors in the Dubai economy a sense of security and stability. 

You will receive a lot of advantages to support the expansion of your business once you obtain your Business Visa in Dubai. Among them are: 

1. Access to a Modern, Fast-moving Economy:  

The UAE has one of the most active and varied economies in the Middle East, with strong infrastructural development, rapid economic growth, and a welcoming corporate environment. With a UAE business visa, you can take advantage of the various opportunities accessible in this fast-moving industry. 

2. Liberal Tax Policies:  

In most circumstances, there is low corporate tax and low personal income tax in the United Arab Emirates as compared to other Countries. This makes it a desirable location for companies wishing to reduce their tax liability and increase their earnings. 

3. Network in a Business-positive Environment:  

With many international business owners and investors, the UAE is home to a bustling business community. This is a fantastic chance to connect with and work together with like-minded people and companies. 

4. Crucial Global Connectivity from the UAE to Other Nations:  

The UAE has strong access to markets throughout the world thanks to its strategic location at the intersection of Asia, Europe, and Africa. Because of this, it’s the perfect place for companies trying to diversify their customer base and access new markets. 

5. Long-term Residency Options Available:  

With a UAE business visa, you may be eligible for long-term residency options, including the option to apply for a 2-year residency visa. This provides greater stability and security for you and your family and makes it easier to conduct business in the UAE over the long term. 

Business Visa in Dubai: Requirements  

The Federal Authority for Identity & Citizenship (ICA) has established requirements for anyone applying for UAE business visas, stating that they must: 

  • Age: at least 21 years old  
  • You must possess a passport valid for at least six months from the country of residence..  
  • Display a copy of your license or other appropriate documentation.  
  • Provide a copy of the company trade license and, if applicable, the business registration certificate.  

Entrepreneurs can apply for a business visa in Dubai after the relevant conditions have been satisfied. 

Types of UAE business visas  

For entry and stay, prospective investors in the UAE need a business visa. They mostly fall under the visit visa and residency visa categories. 

1. Visit visa 

They are either single-entry or multiple-entry visas for the UAE, and both are helpful for traveling for business, attending conferences, and researching investment prospects there. Citizens of more than 80 countries can enter the Emirates with a visa on arrival. Types of visit visas: 

  1. Single-entry  
  2. Multi-entry  

2. Residence visas   

People who desire to go to the UAE are given these. The candidates must either be entrepreneurs with demonstrable experience or business owners operating in the United Arab Emirates. These visas allow the holder to remain in the UAE for the duration of its validity, which can be 2, 5, or 10 years. Types of residence visas: 

  1. Sponsored: Mainland Visa or free zone visa, depending on where the firm is located 
  2. Self-sponsored: Green or Golden visas ar available for business owners, shareholders, and executives.  

The applicant must first successfully get an electronic entry permit in order to obtain a UAE resident visa. (e-visa). They must pass their medical exams, submit their residency permit application, and provide their biometrics, and other necessary documents during this time. You will then obtain your residency visa as an Emirates ID card upon clearance.   

Difference Between Sponsored and Self-sponsored Visas  

Prior to 2022, all other visas—aside from the Golden Visa—required a UAE sponsor. It could be a business, a resident, or a citizen. The most recent UAE revisions include two new additions: the Green visa and the self-sponsored visit visa. 

The website, an ICP customer happiness center, or an Amer center are only a few of the options available for applying for visas to Dubai and the other Emirates.   

How to get a business visa in Dubai  

When you leave it to professionals like Shuraa, obtaining a business visa is a straightforward procedure. Simply provide the required documentation and complete the application.   

Dubai Business Visa: Documents Required  

  • Correctly filled out the application for a UAE visa. 
  • Copy of valid passport, which must be valid for at least six months  
  • Two recent passport-size photographs with white backgrounds.  
  • Employer’s letter disclosing pay and job description  

Business Visa in Dubai: Cost & Application  

Applying for a visa may be a time-consuming and confusing procedure for persons who are new to the UAE. In addition, laws and rules governing visas in the UAE are subject to frequent change. As a result, when you use the support of management consultancies like Shuraa, you receive comprehensive advice as well as knowledgeable and reliable corporate services. 

Learn the fundamental procedures for obtaining a Dubai visa by reading on:  

Completing the Visa application form  

The application can be completed online or at a UAE Embassy or Consulate. The applicant must submit information such as their contact information, travel plans, and visitation objectives. Don’t forget to send the application together with the other necessary papers.  

Pay the Dubai business visa fees  

You must pay the visa fees when the relevant authorities accept your application. You can pay the fee at the UAE Embassy or Consulate or using a payment voucher. Depending on the kind of visa and the duration of validity, the cost of the Dubai business visa may change. 

Get your UAE business visa  

The application will be completed and a decision made within 14 days after payment of the visa fee.  

How much will a business visa in Dubai cost? 

The cost of a business visa for the UAE varies depending on the type, duration, and emirate. 

  • Dubai business visas cost between AED 3,500 and AED 5,500*. 
  • UAE visitor visas cost between AED 350 and AED 600*, depending on the duration of the stay. (Should not exceed more than sixty days in the UAE)  

Note: The UAE government has the right to modify all pricing. 


There are several chances for company owners and investors in Dubai, which is a bustling center for trade, commerce, and business. Anyone wishing to start a business in Dubai requires a business visa, and there are many sorts of visas available depending on your individual requirements.  

The price and requirements for a Dubai business visa may change based on your specific situation, so it’s essential to make sure you satisfy all the requirements and give all the appropriate paperwork to prevent any delays or problems with your application. Business professionals at Shuraa can help you in obtaining a business visa in Dubai from the UK.


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