Dubai Investor Visa: Eligibility Criteria & Document Required

Dubai investor visa

In the exciting textile of business opportunities within the United Arab Emirates (UAE), locking in a Dubai Investor Visa is a crucial opening for entrepreneurs and investors alike. As an example of economic prosperity, Dubai offers many incentives for those looking to start projects in this global hub of commerce.

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Searching deeper into business growth in Dubai, finding a Dubai Investor Visa reveals many chances for investors looking to start a sustainable presence in the city. Outside compromise of the right to reside in Dubai, this visa serves as a substance for discovering various business prospects and tapping into the city’s dynamic market.

To qualify for a Dubai Investor Visa, applicants must meet specific eligibility criteria and furnish essential documents. Understanding and adhering to these requirements is essential for investors, who are directing their influence on the boundless possibilities offered by Dubai’s successful business ecosystem. Continue to read further about the Dubai Investor Visa.  

What is an Investor Visa? 

An Investor Visa, also known as a Business Investor Visa or Entrepreneur Visa, is a type of visa approved for individuals who invest a certain amount of capital into the economy of a foreign country. The primary purpose of an Investor Visa is to attract foreign investment and kindle economic growth by inspiring individuals to start businesses or invest in existing enterprises within the country. 

Distinguishing Between Investor Visa and Partner Visa in the UAE 

In the UAE, the Investor Visa and Partnership Visa offer different ways for entrepreneurs. The Investor Visa is for sole proprietorships, while the Partnership Visa suits businesses with multiple owners, like Limited Liability Companies (LLCs). Despite differences in structure, both visas provide the same legal status and benefits, allowing entrepreneurs to succeed in Dubai’s vibrant business scene. 

Aspect  Investor Visa  Partner Visa 
Business Structure  Sole proprietorship  Limited Liability Company 
Ownership  Single owner  Multiple owners 
Shareholders  None  Local sponsor required 
Visa Type  Investor Visa UAE  Partner Visa 
Legal Status  Same legality and benefits  Same legality and benefits 

Who is eligible for an investor visa in Dubai? 

Individuals aged 18 and above can legally follow investment, entrepreneurship, or shareholding opportunities in companies across Dubai and the UAE. This eligibility ranges from getting a UAE residence visa. 

What is the Validity of the visa? 

The Dubai investor visa is valid for two (2) years. Every three years, it necessitates undergoing a medical test, renewing medical insurance, and obtaining a renewed Emirates ID to maintain visa validity. 

Benefits of Dubai & UAE Investor Visa 

Going on board on your business trip in Dubai and becoming an investor offers numerous advantages. Below are some of the key benefits of the UAE investor visa: 


With a validity period of three years, the investor visa automatically grants you a Dubai residence visa for the same duration. 

Family Sponsorship 

Holders of an investor visa can sponsor their immediate family members, including spouses, children, and parents, to become residents of the UAE. 

Ease of Travel 

A Dubai investor visa facilitates continuous travel to any GCC country for business or leisure. Investor status advances the acquisition of travel visas to these regions, unlike employment visas, which may entail more official hurdles. 

Extended Visa Validity Outside the Country 

Unlike employment or dependent visas, a Dubai investor visa permits individuals to continuously reside outside the UAE for up to one (1) year without invalidating their residency. In contrast, other visas typically allow only a maximum of six (6) months outside the UAE before residency is annulled. 

Opportunity for Long-term Visa 

Holding an investor visa and successfully starting a business venture in the UAE can improve your eligibility for the UAE Golden Visa. Introduced in 2019, the Golden Visa is a 10-year UAE residency visa that promotes business development and rewards investors and entrepreneurs for contributing to the country’s economic advancement. 

How to Get an Investor Visa in Dubai? 

To get a Dubai investor visa or anywhere else in the UAE, there are two ways through which 

  • New company incorporation 
  • Proof of existing investments 

New company incorporation 

Company registration on the mainland of Dubai is the easiest way to get an investor visa in Dubai. When you form your company in Dubai, you become either the owner or shareholder, depending on the legal structure of your business. 

To apply for your investor visa, you must first form your company and then submit the following documents to the Dubai immigration department: 

  • Trade license copy 
  • Copy of legally attested company Memorandum of Association (for partnership) or Local Service Agent Agreement (for sole proprietorship) 
  • Company establishment card copy 
  • Cancellation document of existing visa (if you have an existing employment or Dubai residence visa, you must cancel it) 
  • If you have a visit or tourist visa, a copy of it 

How to Apply for a Dubai Investor Visa 

If you’re applying for an investor visa in Dubai, it’s essential to follow these steps: 

  • List your company with the Dubai Economic Department (DED). 
  • Apply for your company’s establishment card. 
  • If you’re outside the country, apply for your entry permit to the UAE, enter the UAE, and undergo an in-country status change for your visa. If you’re already in the UAE, undergo an in-country visa status change. 
  • Complete your medical test. 
  • Apply for your Emirates ID. 
  • Obtain suitable health insurance coverage. 
  • Get your investor visa stamped in your passport. 

What is the Processing Time? 

The processing time for an investor visa classically ranges from 15 to 20 working days, covering the entire process from initiating your new business setup in Dubai to obtaining your investor visa stamped in your passport. 

What is the Proof of Existing Investments? 

Alternatively, acquiring an investor visa in Dubai may not necessitate incorporating a new company. Instead, you may present proof of your investments in Dubai to the Dubai Municipality. 

If your request meets the eligibility criteria set by the UAE Government, the Dubai Municipality will create your file with the Economic Department. Subsequently, the Economic Department will issue you a reference file number, which you can use to get a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Dubai Municipality. This NOC must be offered to the immigration department when applying for your Dubai investor visa.  

However, it’s important to note that the approval or rejection of your request is subject to the government agencies’ discretion when screening your eligibility. 

Requirements for sponsoring family members 

As an investor, you can sponsor your family members to become residents of the UAE. Once your UAE investor visa 2024 gets stamped in your passport, you can approach the immigration department to apply for your family’s Dubai residence visa.  

To sponsor your family members, you must give in to the following: 

  • House tenancy contract. The minimum house requirement is a 2BHK 
  • Attested marriage certificate, if sponsoring spouse 
  • Attested birth certificate(s), if sponsoring child/children 
  • AED 1,500* refundable deposit for each family member being sponsored *(to help entrepreneurs during the pandemic, the original deposit amount of AED 3,000 has been reduced to AED 1,500) 

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Q1. Can I get a visa to buy Property in Dubai? 

Purchasing real estate in Dubai can lead to finding a residency permit, provided the property is completed at the time of purchase and valued at least AED 1 million as per the UAE investor visa program.  

Q2. What’s the Cost of an Investor Visa/Partner Visa in Dubai? 

To get a lifetime investor visa in Dubai or elsewhere in the UAE, you must invest AED 10 million in the civil sector or a minimum of AED 5 million in property. Entry permit costs range from approximately AED 1,000 to AED 1,100, while the change of status costs AED 670 and visa stamping costs around AED 900. 

Q3. What are the Benefits of a UAE Investor Visa? 

Dubai Investor Visa holders enjoy a tax-free environment, excused from paying taxes alongside locals. Moreover, the UAE has established over 70 double tax accords with various countries. Furthermore, the UAE boasts high-quality goods and services, with visa holders having full access to all of Dubai’s amenities, including transportation and communication facilities. 


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