Company Setup in Sharjah Publishing City free zone

Company Setup in Sharjah Publishing City free zone

The world of publishing is constantly evolving, and for entrepreneurs looking to break into the Middle Eastern market, the Sharjah Publishing City Free Zone (SPCFZ) offers a compelling opportunity.  

Sharjah Publishing City Free Zone (SPCFZ) is a hub for the publishing industry. The free zone offers a range of benefits and incentives to companies looking to establish a presence in the region. SPCFZ is a popular choice for businesses in the publishing sector.  

Company Setup in Sharjah Publishing City free zone has many advantages, including 100% foreign ownership, tax exemptions, and simplified company registration processes. Companies operating in free zones also benefit from access to world-class facilities, networking opportunities, and a supportive business environment. 

Here are some more compelling reasons on why to start a company in SPCFZ. 

Why Choose SPCFZ Free Zone? 

SPCFZ was founded in 2017 by the Ruler of Sharjah and is considered one of the most attractive free zones in the country due to its various benefits. 

1. 100% foreign ownership 

This means that foreign companies can own and operate businesses in the SPCFZ without needing a local partner. 

2. 100% repatriation of capital and profits 

Companies can freely repatriate all their invested capital and earned profits out of the UAE. 

3. Tax advantages 

There are no corporate or personal income taxes levied on businesses or individuals operating within the SPCFZ. 

4. Easy access to international markets 

The SPCFZ is strategically located near major transportation links, making it easy to export and import goods. 

5. Flexible and affordable business licenses 

The SPCFZ offers a variety of business license packages to suit the needs of different companies. 

6. Modern infrastructure 

The SPCFZ provides a range of office and warehouse facilities for businesses to lease. 

Facilities Offered at SPCFZ Free Zone 

The Sharjah Publishing City Free Zone offers a variety of facilities to cater to different business needs, including: 

  • Co-working spaces 
  • Office spaces 
  • Retail spaces 
  • Shell & Core units 
  • Storage and Warehousing 
  • Warehouse spaces 
  • Storage areas 
  • Business Support Services 
  • Modern Infrastructure 
  • High-speed internet connectivity 
  • Concierge Services 

Business Activities Allowed at SPCFZ 

  • E-Publishing Activities 
  • Online Publishing of Audio Books 
  • Online Publishing and Electronic Content 
  • Online Publications and Media Materials 
  • E-Trading 
  • Trading (commercial, general) 
  • Manufacturing (with some limitations) 
  • Services (consultancy, marketing, IT) 

Types of Licenses in SPC Free Zone 

There are primarily four types of licenses offered in the Sharjah Publishing City Free Zone: 

1. Commercial License 

This license is ideal for businesses involved in general trading activities, retail services, import and export of goods, and other related operations. 

2. Trading License 

A trading license is specifically designed for businesses whose core activity revolves around buying and selling goods. 

3. Service License 

The license covers a wide range of activities such as legal, accounting, marketing, IT services, human resources, and other services reliant on expertise and skills. 

4. E-Commerce License 

The license allows you to conduct e-commerce activities through websites and sell products or services both locally and internationally. 

How to Set Up a Company in the Sharjah Publishing City Free Zone 

Here’s a step-by-step process for company setup in Sharjah Publishing City free zone: 

1. Choose Your Business Activity & Entity 

Research and choose the specific business activity that best suits your company’s operations. SPCFZ offers licenses for a wide range of activities but verify if it aligns with their allowed categories. 

You’ll also need to choose a business structure. There are different types of Business Structure available in SPC Free Zone. This includes: 

  • Free Zone Establishment (FZE): Suitable for a single shareholder. 
  • Free Zone Company (FZC): For two or more shareholders up to 7. 
  • Branch of a Foreign or Local Company: Ideal for existing companies looking to expand in SPCFZ. 

2. Choose a Company Name 

Select a unique and appropriate name for your company that complies with SPCFZ naming regulations. 

3. Prepare Documents 

Gather the necessary documents as per your chosen company structure. These may typically include: 

  • Application form 
  • Passport copies of shareholders, directors, and managers 
  • Two passport size photos 
  • Business plan 
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association (If applicable) 

4. Submit Application & Pay the Fees 

Once you have all the required documents, submit your application and supporting paperwork to the SPCFZ authorities. There will be associated fees for application processing, licensing, and potentially other services. Make sure you understand the cost structure and settle the fees. 

5. Secure Office Space 

Lease an office space within the SPCFZ that meets your business needs and complies with their requirements. 

6. Await Approvals and Registration 

The SPCFZ will review your application and once approved, they will proceed with company registration. 

7. Obtain your License & Visa 

Upon successful registration, you will receive your official business license from SPCFZ, allowing you to operate your company within the Free Zone. You can then proceed with obtaining visas for yourself and any employees if required. 

Sharjah Free Zone Company Setup Cost 

The cost of obtaining a Sharjah Publishing City Free Zone license is generally around AED 9,999 but depends on several factors, including the number of visas you require and the type of office space you choose. 

SPCFZ offers various business setup packages with different license fees. These packages typically include the base license fee and may include additional services like visa processing or company formation assistance. 

The most cost-effective option is the Publishing Package, starting from AED 6,875 (around USD 1,560) for a 1-year license with no visa quota. 

There can be additional costs, including: 

  • Trade Name Reservation 
  • Establishment Card 
  • E-Channel Registration 
  • Visa Costs 
  • Office Space 
  • Optional Services 

For most up-to-date information, we recommend consulting a company formation expert at Shuraa Business Setup in the UAE. They’ll help assist you with your company formation at the SPCFZ. 

Get a Free Consultation with Shuraa Today! 

Company setup in Sharjah Publishing City Free Zone can be a great opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to establish a presence in the publishing industry. To make the process easier and smoother, it is recommended to seek consultation from one of our experts at Shuraa Business Setup. 

We assist you with finding the right free zone that suits your business, company registration, licensing, PRO services, Visa assistance, and more. With Shuraa by your side, you can ensure your business is set up for success. 

So, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a Shuraa Business Setup expert today!

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