Company Registration in Dubai

Company Registration in Dubai – UAE

The process of company registration in Dubai is straightforward and hassle-free. The new-age investors and entrepreneurs in the UK looking for lucrative business opportunities should definitely explore this venture.

The best part is that you get adequate support from the government that continues to introduce business-friendly reforms. In addition, the business experts at Shuraa are always available to guide you step-by-step on how to register a company in Dubai.

How to register a company in Dubai, UAE

Follow the steps mentioned below for Dubai company registration:

  1. Finalize the Legal Structure of your Company
  2. Choose the Desired Business Activities
  3. Reserve a Trading Name
  4. Choose a Location
  5. Get in Touch with Company Formation Experts
  6. Finish Documentation
  7. Apply for a License
  8. Obtain External Approvals

All these steps are discussed in detail below:

1. Finalize the Legal Structure of your Company

The first step to register a company in Dubai is finalizing your venture’s legal structure. You are free to choose the legal formation based on your requirements. Furthermore, there are several options to choose from.

You can open an LLC (limited liability company), joint venture, etc., in the Emirates. In addition, flexible options like public shareholding companies, representative offices, and more are also available.

2. Choose the Desired Business Activities

The next step is shortlisting the business activities you wish to carry out in Dubai. The DED maintains a comprehensive list of 2000+ activities. Moreover, each independent jurisdiction also provides similar lists for your convenience.

Don’t forget to get an expert option on your shortlisted business activities from Shuraa UK’s business experts. We help UK’s investors draft the perfect business license application for risk-free business functioning in Dubai.

3. Reserve a Trading Name

You must register a legal trading name for your firm in the UAE to acquire the desired business license. The process for the same is straightforward and doesn’t consume much time. As a result, all you need to do is list down the preferred business names and send the list for approval.

In addition, the concerned department would evaluate your request and approve the names that are available for selection. Furthermore, ensure that you abide by all the naming conventions when listing down the preferred trading names.

4. Choose a Location

Once you’re done with the above steps, it’s time to choose the ideal business location for your company. It’s one of the most essential steps for company formation in Dubai and decides the fate of your venture.

Moreover, you can register your dream company in the mainland region to enjoy free trading within Dubai and across the UAE. Furthermore, you also have hassle-free options to launch your venture in a free zone or offshore region.

5. Get in Touch with Company Formation Experts

The next step for the new-age investors and entrepreneurs in the UK is collaborating with Shuraa. Our company formation experts offer end-to-end business assistance and take care of all the legalities for Dubai company registration.

Our expert guidance ensures that you follow all the required procedures without raising any compliance issues. Moreover, you don’t pay a single penny extra and avoid surcharges when you get in touch with us.

6. Finish Documentation

It’s imperative to submit all the required documents to the concerned governing bodies for your company’s registration. Here’s a curated list of documents to make it easier for you:

  • Application form
  • Copies of passports of all the shareholders in the company
  • MoA and AoA notarized (and attested)
  • Business plan document
  • Bank reference letters
  • A copy of the applicant’s UAE residence visa (if applicable)
  • NOC from your local sponsor/LSA
  • Power of Attorney document

7. Apply for a License

UK’s investors looking to register their company in Dubai must apply for a trading license after submitting the documents. You need the initial approval document alongside other approvals to secure the desired license.

Remember that a business license must be renewed annually without fail to maintain its validity. An invalid license can lead to repercussive actions from the government, including fines, suspension, and blacklisting.

8. Obtain External Approvals

Business owners need to apply for external approvals to get exclusive business privileges or mandatory consent from a governing body. These can include approvals related to transport facilities, trading activities, or other finance-related ventures.

However, you don’t need to worry about external approvals when you work with Shuraa UK’s business consultants. We take care of everything for you at nominal costs to ensure you don’t face any difficulties during company registration.

How Much Does it Cost to Set Up a Company In Dubai?

It’s difficult to estimate the overall cost of company registration in Dubai as it depends on multiple factors. However, you can expect anything between £5000to £10,000 as a ballpark figure for company formation in Dubai.

The business aspirants in the UK can connect with the legal advisors at Shuraa and discuss their corporate ambitions. We assess your requirements and provide the estimated expected cost based on your activities.

What are the Benefits of Registering a Company in the UAE?

  • Low-Cost Business Setup: company formation in Dubai offers a low barrier to entry. Therefore, you can launch your dream venture at affordable costs and make a name for your brand with limited budgets.
  • Hassle-free Trading: the best part about company registration in Dubai is the ease of trading within Dubai and across various Emirates. In addition, you don’t need to pay any customs duty when you indulge in trading activities.
  • Tax-Free Regime: UK’s investors don’t need to worry about the taxation laws in the UAE. All the legal procedures are transparent, and the only tax you’re liable to pay is VAT (5%). In addition, you can repatriate 100% of your capital gains.

Register a Company in Dubai Today!

Your decision to register a company in the UAE is the right one, and now is the perfect time to get started. You can make the most of the lucrative business opportunities available in Dubai to establish your brand in the marketplace.

The business consultants at Shuraa help you in this journey by taking care of documentation, licensing, banking, etc. We provide cost-effective business setup solutions all across the UAE with post-establishment support facilities.