How to Get a Tourism License In Dubai?

Tourism License In Dubai

Dubai is expanding multi-fold. Apart from being a technology and innovation centre, it is one of the popular destinations to start a tourism business. Dubai also functions as a connecting point for travelers travelling from the west to the east and vice versa. As a result, there is an increase in demand for tourism licenses in Dubai. In January 2022 alone, Dubai welcomed 979.7K overnight guests, with over 105K foreign tourists. 

Dubai, the metropolis of high-rises and shopping malls, has evolved from a desert to a popular tourist destination. In addition to all the dazzling modern add-ons, this city boasts numerous cultural treasures and activities to do. Therefore, if you are planning to set up a tourism business in Dubai, you need to get your business registered with the Department of Economic Development, and the Department of Dubai Tourism and Commerce Marketing via a Dubai tourism license.

What is a Tourism License?  

A tourism license in UAE is non-negotiable if you wish to set up a tourism business. A tourism license in Dubai allows you to do the following things: 

  • Sell tourism packages (offline and online) 
  • Issue travel insurance policy 
  • Provide lodging and lodging alternatives 
  • Assist with visas by providing support services 
  • Sell plane, train, and bus tickets 
  • Offer rental automobile services  
  • Offer adventure travel packages for sale 

While the opportunity sounds exciting, the government offers 3 different types of tourism licenses in the UAE. Hence, it becomes important to first understand them in detail and make an informed decision. 

Types of Tourism License in Dubai 

As mentioned, there are 3 major types of Dubai tourism licenses. You can choose any one of them depending on the nature of the activity of your organization.   

Inbound Tour Operator 

An Inbound Tourism operating license is required for businesses in inbound tourism operations. The holder can offer tours and sightseeing activities within the boundaries of Dubai. The inbound tour operator can also arrange tour programs linked to events and conferences. Another requirement is that you have travel insurance to cover any potential risks, which will be in effect for the whole duration of the license. 

Outbound Tour Operator 

A corporation can organize outward trips with this type of authorization. This visa is beneficial for companies that work in travel and tourism, both inside and outside the nation. 

The holders of an Outbound license also have the option of holding international seminars and events. You will also require Insurance coverage, which will be valid for the whole duration of the license.  

Travel Agent License  

Travel agents who engage in visa assistance, travel accommodations, tour and sightseeing operations, transportation, plane ticket sales, etc., must have a travel agency license. The Travel license has the same requirements as the Outbound and Inbound licenses. 

There is, however, one more condition. The NOC or No Objection Certificate issued by the Department of Civil Aviation is a pre-requisite. You must also have a letter of request in Arabic on behalf of the local sponsor to apply for a NOC. 

Tour Guide License  

A tour guide in Dubai leads and accompanies travellers to popular tourist spots and points of interest. Therefore, the tour guide should be well-versed in the tourist attractions and the cultural heritage of the Emirates. A valid Tour Guide license is also required for this position.  

The Tour guide license badge is issued by DTCM. For this, the candidate must attend and successfully finish the Tour Guide Award program. The license is valid for one year and must be renewed every year. For renewal, the tour guide must attend the DTCM-approved annual refresher session. Furthermore, if the license is not renewed for two years in a row, the holder will be subject to the DTCM penalty. 

What Are The Necessary Documents? 

To apply for a tourism license in Dubai, you will need the following general documents: 

  • Shareholder’s passport copies 
  • Entry stamp or visa page  
  • Passport size photograph  

You may have to submit other additional documents. For this, you can get in touch with Shuraa experts who will explain and take you through the entire documentation process.  

Who Should Apply? 

 You must apply for a Dubai tourism license if you are a –

  • Travel organization 
  • Hotel 
  • Car rental organization  
  • Travel agent 

How To Apply for a Tourism License in Dubai? 

The process of obtaining a Dubai tourism license is pretty straightforward. Follow the steps mentioned below to get a tourism license:

  • Firstly, submit the company’s name to the Tas’heel center’s economic development section. 
  • Next, obtain authorization from the same department for forming a corporation.  
  • After filling out the paperwork at any typing centre, get all the participants to sign the form and submit it to the DED. 
  • The Department of Economic Development would then submit the form for the site inspection after the first approval. Fill up the form with accurate office information, attach a map, and submit the final paperwork with the DED. Before granting the license, officers would visit to inspect it. 
  • Get a legal translator to draft the LLC agreement and get it notarized. The legal translator’s seal is not necessary if the agreement is in Arabic. 
  • Following that, all partners or attorneys must go before a notary to sign the court’s agreement. 
  • Also, ensure the tenancy agreement is in order. 
  • Lastly, submit all required papers, pay at the desk, and receive your Dubai tourism license. 

What Is the Cost of a Tourism License in Dubai? 

The cost of a tourism license in Dubai largely depends on the size of your firm, your activity, and more. However, to improve and assist investors seeking a tourism license in Dubai, the DTCM Authority has announced a new rule in mid-October 2018. According to this: 

  • The requirement for a bank guarantee of AED 100,000 – AED 200,000 for each activity – inbound tour operator, outbound tour operator, and travel agent, no longer exists. This significantly lowers the initial expenditure and tourism license cost in Dubai.
  • The 300-square-foot minimum restriction has also been eliminated. 
  • Documents such as experience letters and educational certificates for managers in the same sector, which were previously required, have been removed, allowing new investors in the industry to apply. 

Benefits of a Tourism License in Dubai 

The Dubai tourism license has several benefits. These include:

  • The advantage of having an incoming, outward tour operator, and a travel agency all under a single licensee with no additional fees or bank guarantees 
  • Reduces the initial tourism license cost in Dubai 
  • Equips the company to work in the tourist industry both inside and outside of the nation 
  • Is capable of organizing international conferences as well as putting on displays and exhibitions 
  • The company can offer airline tickets and visit visas in the UAE (subject to Immigration permission). 
  • With a travel agency and an Inbound Tourism license, the company can accommodate customers, conduct guided/planned excursions, and offer transportation. 

Get Your Tourism License With Shuraa 

Dubai offers endless benefits for investors looking to invest in the travel and tourism sector. As a result, license holders can prosper with Dubai’s high-end infrastructure, easy connectivity, continuous developments, and growing popularity. 

Shuraa can assist you in obtaining a tourism license with minimal effort. Our experts with proven experience will guide you through the whole procedure, ensuring that you have all the required paperwork. All you have to do now is contact us, and we’ll take care of the rest. 


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