Business Registration Cost in UAE in 2024-25

Business Registration Cost in UAE

Business Registration Cost in UAE in 2024-25

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Starting a business in the UAE in 2024-25 is exciting and full of opportunities. Knowing the Business Registration Cost in UAE is important for planning. These costs can vary depending on where you set up your business and its type. Whether you choose a free zone or mainland setup, you must consider fees for trade licenses, visas, and other administrative expenses. Understanding these costs will help you start your new business smoothly. 

In this blog, Shuraa Business Setup will explain business registration costs in the UAE. We will break down the expenses of setting up a business and highlight the benefits. Read on to cover everything you need to know about starting your business in the UAE. 

Basics of the Dubai Company Registration 

Setting up a company in Dubai gives you access to a business-friendly environment known for its easy operations, tax advantages, and global market reach. Dubai’s luxurious location connects major trade routes. It also offers easy access to markets in the East and West.  

Its diverse workforce boosts innovation and business growth. With strong laws and a stable economy, Dubai provides a safe foundation for business prosperity. 

Benefits of Dubai Company Registration 

Before you get to know the Business Registration Cost in UAE, it’s important to know the benefits of Dubai Company registration. Below are the different benefits which will help you to know more things about Dubai.  

  • Dubai offers zero personal and corporate income tax. It allows companies to maximise their profits. The Dubai Freezone also offers exemptions from import and export duties. 
  • Dubai is located between Asia, Europe, and Africa, which Definitely helps entrepreneurs to set up more business in Dubai. The UAE world-class infrastructure is the greatest reason why most of the entrepreneurs want to register their business in Dubai.   
  • Registering a company in Dubai is not a hectic task, Dubai has an easy registration process. The Government also helps and boosts the new business setup to grow more in this business Hub.  
  • The Free zones in Dubai allow 100% foreign ownership, eliminating the need for a local partner. Companies in the Freezone are 100% entitled to the profits of the business.  
  • Dubai attracts a set of skilled people to start their business in the UAE from around the world. The Favorable labor laws support the hiring and retention of employees. 
  • Dubai also offers a high standard of living with modern amenities, healthcare, and education. The city is also known for its low crime rates and their high level of safety for the people.  

Three types of Business Setups 

There are three types of business setups in Dubai. Each zone has its own set of laws and advantages. Before knowing the Business Registration Cost in the UAE, it’s essential to understand the jurisdiction. 

The cost of registering your business also depends on the type of business zone you are choosing. Following are the three types of business setups: 

  • Free Zone  
  • Mainland  
  • Offshore 

Free Zone  

Businesses registering under a free zone get many benefits. These include tax exemptions and exemptions from many mainland regulations. Entrepreneurs choose free zones as they allow many businesses to operate from designated areas. They also provide 100% foreign ownership.  

Free zones are helpful for international companies that target specific industries. Dubai plays a major role in international businesses. It provides regulatory benefits and specialised infrastructures, especially for various industries in the UAE.  


Companies that select the mainland for their business setup can freely trade throughout the country. They can even lease or own their priority in the mainland area. For entrepreneurs who are looking to directly engage with the UAE market, the mainland is the best option. Companies can also bid for government contracts. This opens a wide range of business opportunities for entrepreneurs.  


If you operate your business offshore, you have many attractive options for prioritising international trade and securing your assets. You don’t need to follow any local corporate taxes and regulations. These companies are best for operations outside the UAE.  

Components of business registration cost in UAE 

Business registration costs in the UAE involve many components. The expenses include office rent, the firm’s commercial activities, the necessary license type, and other pertinent factors. 

Business Registration Cost 

The first component of business registration costs in the UAE is registering your business. The cost depends on the number of shareholders in a business. Starting a business in the UAE usually ranges from AED 12,500 to AED 28,500. However, the cost of a business startup in Dubai can vary depending on your business’s nature.  

Trade Name  

The second component of business registration costs in the UAE is getting a trade name. Once you have finalised a trade name, you have to register it. It is important to choose a name that is right for your business and will indicate its nature.  

If you need help choosing a trading name, consult our Shuraa Business Setup experts. They will help you choose the right name for your business.  

Types of Business License  

In this component, you must apply through the DED to get a business license on the mainland. In free zones, you should apply through their respective authorities. Once you have your business license, you must secure external approvals from other governmental bodies. 

There are 4 types of Business Licenses:  

Office for Rent  

In this case, you must choose a rented office space where your office will be set up and the cost of the rented office. The cost of the rental depends on the location, which is important for your business’s success. Contact our Shuraa Advisors to understand the benefits and regulations of different business zones and the exact cost of renting an office in the UAE.  

Important Documents for Starting a Business in Dubai 

The documents needed to start a business in Dubai include: 

  • Passport photographs 
  • Passport copies of all legal participants 
  • Completed application form 
  • Memorandum of Association (MoA) and Local Service Agent (LSA) documents (notarised and attested) 
  • A Business plan 

Business registration costs in the UAE 

Below is the breakdown of business registration costs in the UAE. Follow this, and you will have an idea about the cost.  


Details  Cost 
Request for Initial Approval Certificate  AED 120* 
Trade Name Reservation  AED 620* 
Foreign Trade Name Reservation  From AED 2000* 
DED Trader License  AED 12,000* 
Intelaq License/Tahseel  AED 1,070* 
Business center fees  AED 25,000* 


Note: The costs mentioned above are subject to change according to the nature of your business. Consult Shuraa for the exact Business registration costs in the UAE 

Start a business in UAE with Shuraa 

We hope this blog on Business registration costs in the UAE was helpful and gave you an idea of the cost. The cost of business registration in the UAE varies based on the type of legal entity you intend to start.  

When calculating the total registration cost, it’s important to factor in additional expenses such as license fees, bank charges, and office rentals. If you want to know the exact cost related to business setup and registration, contact Shuraa today.  

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