How to Get a Freelance Visa in Dubai?

freelance visa in Dubai

Have you ever considered launching your own business? If yes, then the freelance route may be ideal for you. UAE has several options for pursuing freelance work and becoming successful. Consequently, a freelance visa in Dubai is becoming one of the most sought-after visas.

As the economy transitions to new working patterns in the aftermath of COVID, employees and employers are considering freelance agreements. In a study done by the employment website, 87% of professionals thought there was a greater need for independent contractors in the area now than two years ago.

So, if you also wish to work as a freelancer in the UAE, keep reading. This blog will teach you everything you need to know about obtaining a freelance visa in Dubai.

What Does a Dubai Freelance Visa and Permit Mean?

A freelancer permit is ideal for people on their spouse’s or parent’s visa who need a license to work as a freelancer. The TECOM Group has received one-year freelancing permission from Dubai, permitting you to work as an independent contractor.

On the other hand, those whose parents or spouses do not sponsor can apply for a freelancing visa in Dubai, a three-year renewable residency permit that allows the holder to live and work in the emirate.

Who Is Eligible for a UAE Freelance Visa?

In Dubai, individuals from various industries can work as freelancers. Here are a few of them –

1. Banking and Financial Experts

By 2030, banks in the UAE can expect their revenue to increase by 52% to roughly $25 billion as the financial sector adopts extensive digital transformation methods. You can lawfully work as a freelancer if you are a professional in accounting and auditing, analysing and reviewing accounting and auditing systems, and many more.

2. Media-Related Professionals

Professionals with various media-related jobs can also apply for a freelancing visa in Dubai through Dubai Media City. Professionals can choose from about 45 different categories. In 2023, the media and entertainment services market is expected to surpass USD 1 trillion. This group includes an actor, an animator, an artist, an audio/sound engineer, and many more.

3. Designers

Individuals in the Dubai Design District can apply for freelance positions as apparel designers, concept designers, fashion stylists, image consultants, fashion artists, hair stylists, and many more.

4. Professors and Educators

According to a statement, Dubai now has 34 international higher education institutions offering over 600 programs. Education-related professionals in Dubai can also work as executive coaches, e-learning advisors, trainers, and researchers on a freelance basis. To be more specific, they can apply for Freelance Visas in Dubai Knowledge Park.

What Are the Benefits of a Freelance Visa in Dubai?

A freelancing visa is a lucrative option for UK citizens who want to compete in Dubai’s competitive market. The following are some benefits that have to be taken into account:

1. Flexibility at Work

Everyone wishes they could work at their own pace and on their own terms. However, only some have that luxury. Freelancers can work at their own pace while still meeting deadlines.

2. Lower Costs, Higher Profit

Working from home gives you an emotional boost as well as financial support. You’ll spend far less on meals, transportation, and other requirements. Furthermore, you can start operating from your room and then slowly expand as your business grows. 

3. Work on Multiple Projects 

You can work while freelancing to keep your passion alive by switching up your routine chores and taking on new, intriguing ones. This maintains the spirit and brings you closer to your work. Furthermore, you can select what you want and who you want to work with.

How to get a freelance visa in Dubai?

UAE Freelance licenses are becoming more and more popular. Follow the steps below to apply swiftly and receive a freelance visa in Dubai:

  1. Obtaining an NOC from the current employer (only for already employed individuals)
  2. Submission of documents including:
  3. Passport Copy
  4. Visa Copy
  5. Emirates ID (only if applicable)
  6. Photograph
  7. Experience Letter
  8. Degree / Diploma
  9. Submission of application letter

Documents needed to apply for the freelance permit in Dubai

All businesses in the UAE must adhere to the documentation standards established by government agencies. The following documents must be submitted to obtain a freelance visa in Dubai:

  1. A copy of your passport
  2. Passport-size photographs
  3. A copy of your entry visa

You may be asked to submit a couple more documents based on the requirements of your freelancing visa. The Shuraa UK Branch will give you a comprehensive document list as well as ensure that your documents are authentic and valid.

What Is the Cost of a Freelance Visa in Dubai?

The cost of your freelance visa will vary depending on whether a one-year or three-year visa is required. Depending on several factors, the freelance visa cost in Dubai can range from AED 10,000 to AED 20,000.

To get a detailed breakdown of the costs and avoid overpaying at any visa application stage, you may contact Shuraa UK experts to learn about freelance visa Dubai cost 2024.

Start Freelancing in Dubai With Shuraa

Do you want to work as a freelancer in Dubai but need help figuring out where to start? It’s time to leave your worries behind because the Shuraa UK branch setup is all you need.

We will help you understand the advantages of freelancing in the UAE. Additionally, you can learn where to obtain a freelance visa and establish your business. We will look after all the documentation and cost breakups, helping you secure a cheap freelance visa in Dubai

Contact us immediately, and we’ll provide you with a detailed outline for obtaining your freelance visa in the United Arab Emirates.


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