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Many UK-based companies have shown interest in expanding their business in Dubai, which is really exciting. It’s evidence of the region’s positioning as a great place to do business and reside. This is why more and more British entrepreneurs seek PRO service in Dubai nowadays. 

The UAE is the UK’s 18th largest trading partner, 14th largest export market, and 20th largest import market. Currently, 5,000 British companies are operating in the UAE. Moreover, nearly 800 commercial agencies and 4,800 British brands have invested in the UAE, and more than 100,000 UK citizens live in the Gulf regions. 

This shows that the UAE is building future cities with a mix of cultures that support the development of a new-age global business hub. Over 240,000 British expats now happily call the UAE their home, with an additional 1 million visiting each year. 

If you’re thinking of expanding your business in the UAE too, you’ll need help from an experienced PRO. This blog will walk you through all there is to learn about PRO services in Dubai. 

What are PRO Services? 

Every company in Dubai needs the services of a Government Liaison Officer, commonly known as a Public Relations Officer or PRO. Corporate PRO services Dubai include all activities related to processing legal paperwork, such as visa applications, company trade license documentation, permissions and approvals, and labour cards.  

If you want to establish a business in Dubai, you’ll need an expert PRO to help you with the associated paperwork, permissions, and approvals from concerning authorities. Being in a foreign country, it can be challenging to understand the rules and regulations, change in currency, Arabic-translated documents, and other constraints. Thus, the assistance of a PRO is always helpful.  

A few government authorities that a PRO often deals with are the DED (Department of Economic Development), Dubai Economic Chambers, Chamber of Commerce, Dubai Visa, and Immigration departments.  

Here are a couple of reasons why you need PRO service Dubai: 

  1. For monitoring and updating the registration and licensing processes, permits, and payments for the company.
  2. For agreements and approvals with the judicial systems, the legal structures, and the various government agencies for commercial activities of the company.
  3. To appear before the local authorities on behalf of the company to obtain a business license. Also, to take care of the renewal of the concerning licenses.
  4. To comply and fulfil the requirements stated by the Immigration & labour Department for the company. Moreover, to process and obtain related documents.
  5. For Acquiring entry permit, employment visa, labour approval, labour card, labour contract, residence visa, and work towards document clearing services in Dubai.
  6. If you want to build and retain honest, professional relationships with the local as well as national government officials, you’ll need the help of PRO companies in Dubai
  7. To ensure that the business plan is solid and thoroughly knowledgeable, as well as timely informed, PRO service in Dubai is a must. Moreover, a PRO will help with all the governmental protocols and instructions.
  8. It’s not always easy to monitor all the administerial directives and instructions yourself. This is where PRO services in Dubai can assist you and report it to the respective departments.
  9. Best PRO services in Dubai also take care of tiny details like signatures, authorised stamps, and proofreading information. Besides, they always double-check all the official government letters to avoid any mishaps in the company formation process. 
  10. A PRO services company in Dubai will also coordinate for the Certificate of Origin/ Attestation, payment of receipts (Abu Dhabi distribution/Al Madina Real Estate/DEWA / Etisalat/ Du, etc.)
  11. You save time and resources by outsourcing PRO services. Moreover, focus on business strategies without worrying about timely document submissions and other legalities.

What Are The Types of PRO Services in Dubai? 

Some of The Common PRO Services in Dubai are as follows: 

  1. Opening a corporate bank account for ease of financial transactions
  2. Clearance of passport and visas
  3. Trade name and trademark registration with the concerned authorities
  4. Application submission and approvals for immigration and labour cards
  5. Looking after all the steps involved in company formation 
  6. Acquiring a business license 
  7. Taking care of the business license renewal process
  8. No Object Letters
  9. Getting the necessary legal documents notarized.

How to Choose The Right PRO Service Provider in Dubai? 

It is crucial to ensure you partner with the right and reliable PRO services provider in Dubai for your company formation process. Here are a few things you must keep in mind while choosing the PRO services company in Dubai: 

1. Scope of Services

Ask the company to state all the PRO services they offer clearly. It should be easy to understand to avoid any misunderstandings later. Also, take note of the procedure and costs involved with each. 

2. Reputation

The reputation of a firm speaks volumes about its credibility. So, please do some research on the market positioning of PRO companies in Dubai and their performance. Also, get references from businesses that have worked with them before.  

3. Local Presence

When you are searching for the best PRO services in Dubai, it is essential to check for their local presence in the place where you plan to set up your business. If they are present locally, they can help select the best suitable location for your business setup, assist you with regulations and updated laws and ensure faster and smoother processing of visas and passports.  

The Best PRO Services in Dubai by Shuraa 

Now that you understand what PRO services are and their importance, you sure would want to partner with a PRO services company in Dubai. Selecting the right PRO services provider for your company could be challenging, especially if you’re new to the process. But worry not! 

Shuraa Business Setup offers the best PRO services in Dubai. The experts at Shuraa UK Branch are well versed with all the rules, regulations, and legalities associated with company formation. We provide comprehensive solutions to help you set up your business in Dubai and start your operations with ease. We offer all the corporate PRO services in Dubai and will cover everything from visa processing to document attestation to acquiring necessary approvals from government officials.  

Moreover, we can wrap up your business setup and trade license procedure in less time and get it at highly affordable rates. All we need from your end is to call us, tell us everything there is about your business, and we will take care of the rest.  

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