How to Start a Digital Marketing Company in Dubai?

Start a Digital Marketing Company in Dubai

Dubai is home to diverse businesses of all sizes and structures. And why not? The excellent infrastructure, seamless connectivity to the rest of the world, advanced travel facilities, top-notch technology, favourable business conditions, expedited company setup, and promising economy make Dubai a popular choice amongst investors. 

The United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates have substantial commercial and business ties. More than 100,000 British nationals live in the UAE, where over 5,000 UK enterprises operate. 

Also, in recent years, the Middle East has been projected to contribute 10% of worldwide digital marketing investment. As a result, if you are a UK investor who wants to start a digital marketing company in Dubai, the business environment is conducive. 

The process of starting a digital marketing company is easy and simple. But before we tell you how to go about it, let’s first understand what is digital marketing. 

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is a popular business choice globally, given the increasing awareness of its benefits. Businesses are finally starting to realise the importance and benefits of a strong online presence. It not only gives you much-needed visibility but also gives you credibility. Furthermore, it also helps convert your potential clients to long-term clients and get more sales. 

Any marketing strategy carried out using electronic devices is digital marketing. This includes internet-based marketing operations. Furthermore, a digital marketing agency may use websites, SEO, blogs, social media, video, email, and other avenues to reach the target audience. 

All you need to start a digital marketing company in Dubai is a digital marketing licence. Let’s see how you can obtain the same with minimal effort. 

How Can You Start a Digital Marketing Company in Dubai?

To start a digital marketing company in Dubai, you must follow a predefined process. Following is a simple overview of that process: 

1. Determine Your Company’s Legal Structure

The government offers multiple legal structures if you want to start a digital marketing company in Dubai. You can choose the one that meets your needs the best. A limited liability company is the most sought-after legal structure in Dubai. Following is a simple overview of the same.

Limited Liability Company

A limited liability company structure has 2 to 50 shareholders. Each of these shareholders is liable only to the extent of their share in the company. However, this licence comes with some terms and conditions. For starters, except for banking, insurance, and investing, this type of firm cannot engage in any professional or consulting activity.

2. Register the Trade Name

Selecting a trading name can be tricky. Dubai has laid down strict rules and regulations for naming a company or business. Hence your trading name must comply with all the rules. Some rules apply specifically to certain business activities. Thus, in-depth knowledge of these rules will make it easier to choose a trading name. Following are some trading name rules common to most businesses: 

  • You cannot start your trading name with the following words – “Middle East”, “international”, “Dubai”, or “global.”
  • Your trading name must reflect your business activity. In this case, the trading name must reflect digital marketing.
  • It should not be ambiguous or create misunderstanding. 
  • You cannot duplicate somebody else’s name and submit the same to the department. They will reject it. 
  • The trading name must be translated into Arabic. 

These are some of the many rules laid down by the government. Experts at the Shuraa UK Branch can help you understand these rules and help you choose an apt trading name. 

3. Decide Where You Set Up Your Company

Dubai allows you to set up your company on the Mainland and Free Zones. Forming a mainland company is an attractive investment, especially for investors and businessmen. Companies on the Mainland exist and operate inside the confines of Emirati authority that are within commercialised regions. They are also eligible to apply for government projects. 

As for free zones, Dubai has 20+ free zones. Most free zones offer 100% ownership, 100% repatriation of profits, and 100% tax-free operations. But that’s not all. There are more advantages to the mainland and free zone company setup. Both are distinct in their own ways, with their own pros and cons.  

4. Apply for the License

The process for licence application will depend on where you want to set up your company – Mainland or Free Zone. 

You will have to submit your application form with the needed documents to the Department of Economic Development or the DED if you choose to set up your company on the Mainland. However, if you are going ahead with a free zone, your application will be directed to that free zone authority. 

The application process is streamlined and quick. You might also have to apply for additional permits if you want special privileges. 

5. Apply for Visas

You will have to apply for your visa if you are not a Dubai or UAE resident. Furthermore, if you plan to hire employees from outside, you will have to sponsor their visas. Similarly, you must also apply for your partner and dependent’s visas. 

Documents Required to Start a Digital Marketing Company

You must submit a couple of documents to the respective authorities to obtain a digital marketing licence and start a digital marketing company in Dubai. Following are some of the documents you will need:

  • Passport-size copies
  • Passport copies of stakeholders 
  • Entry stamp or visa page 

Note.: The documents mentioned are only some of the many documents. Shuraa experts at the UK branch will give you a detailed list of all the documents. They will also help you get your documents in place to avoid mishaps. 

How much does it cost to start a digital marketing agency?

The cost of starting a digital marketing company in Dubai is influenced by several factors. These include the size of your company, type of setup, choice of location, visas, and more. A digital marketing licence in free zones starts approximately from AED 18,500 AED to 28,500. This will increase as you add more services and visas.

Start Your Digital Marketing Company With Shuraa

The field of digital marketing is booming in Dubai. Some of the world’s leading businesses are based here, and setting up a company is a step closer to working with them. However, any mishap in the documentation process or the application will take you away from your dream. 

Shuraa experts can walk you through the entire process with the list of documents you will need to submit. We are dependable and will help you at every stage in the process. Let us take care of everything while you sit back and watch your dream come true. All you need to do is give us a call! 


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