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How to Obtain a Management Consultancy License Dubai?

The UAE’s favourable environment for UK entrepreneurs offers ample scope for management consulting businesses. It is designed for those with in-depth knowledge about a specific field who would like to act as consultants to the firms in this field. And a management consultancy license Dubai is the first and foremost requirement.  A business license is a requirement that every business entity must fulfil. Once you’re a licensed business, you can legally assist various businesses through your consulting services and set the ball rolling. So, if you’re wondering how to get a management consultancy license Dubai, this blog is for you. We’ll walk you through the entire process of becoming a licensed management consulting firm, including the documentation and costs. What Are the Benefits of Starting a Management Consultancy in Dubai? Here are some benefits of starting a management consultancy in Dubai: Starting and running a licensed management consultancy in Dubai are convenient tasks, thanks to the UAE’s outstanding ease of doing business. The setup process is digitised, consuming a short duration. The UAE’s talented workforce can help you manage administrative details, complete the actual consulting assignments, and so on. As work processes become more expansive and the UAE’s economy becomes increasingly globalised, the necessity for good management consulting firms has never been greater. Dubai houses a variety of businesses. Your management consultancy would find many intellectually challenging responsibilities, adding to its skill set.  Dubai has an excellent infrastructure, technological advancements, transportation network, and amenities. Your licenced management consultancy will face no issues in getting the visas. The UAE has been modifying its visa rules to suit UK entrepreneurs. Also, you can easily open corporate bank accounts. You can have 100% ownership of your business consultancy in Dubai. Moreover, you can repatriate profits completely and enjoy almost no taxes. What Documents Do You Require to Get a Management Consultancy License? To obtain the license, you must proceed with arranging the required documents. You’ll need to submit these documents to the concerned authorities. Once they ensure the thoroughness, accuracy, and validity of your paperwork, they’ll grant you a consultancy license in Dubai for your management firm. Keep in mind that a complete set of documents can speed up obtaining a management consultancy license.  The following are some of the required documents: Copies of passports and visas  Two passport-size photographs  Entry visa and stamp pages Apart from these documents, there are a few more documents you’ll need. The type of documents depends on your chosen location and company structure. Moreover, you may need certain approvals and certificates based on the business activities you’ve planned to undertake. Our consultants can provide you with a comprehensive list of necessary and supplemental documents and the additional prerequisites of a management consultancy license. How to Get a Management Consultancy Licence? Approaching potential clients and being able to share your consultancy licensing credentials increases your credibility. It also shows that you’re invested in and determined to achieve the management consultancy’s success. It makes the management consultancy license Dubai more useful and legally necessary. So, to start a licensed management consultancy in Dubai, you must follow some steps to acquire the management consultancy license Dubai. Following is the process for obtaining a management consultancy license in Dubai: 1. Register the Name  To get a management consultancy license, you’d first need to register the name of your management consulting business. So, choose a proper and legal consulting business name. Then, get it registered with relevant authorities. Note that company names are subject to availability. Thus, ensure you choose a unique name. Moreover, you must follow the UAE government’s naming guidelines to name your company to avoid any legal issues. Our experts can help you with your company name according to the UAE guidelines and name availability. 2. Decide Your Company Structure You’d need to specify your company structure when you apply for a management consultancy license in Dubai. Thus, decide on a company structure for your management consulting firm based on its legal existence, future goals, etc. In the UAE, your company structure could be a sole proprietorship, a Limited Liability Company (LLC), a public or private partnership, or a foreign or GCC company’s branch. 3. Choose a Location You can establish your management consulting business either on the Dubai mainland or in one of the free zones. So, choose a location based on your consultancy business requirements. You can check if your desired location allows running a management consultancy and has sufficient facilities for its smooth functioning. Once you decide on a location, look for a physical office space. Consider your budget as you’d need to rent or lease the place. 4. Apply for the License  After you’ve registered your consulting firm’s name, selected a company structure, and rented or leased a business location, it’s time to apply for the management consultancy license in Dubai. Since your management consulting company will render services based on intellectual abilities, you’ll need to apply for a professional license. So, select the relevant license, submit the required papers and pay the fee. You may need to submit additional documents such as your tourist visa, naturalisation book, and certain other approvals. Our professionals can help you obtain each document to get a management consultancy license in Dubai. 5. Get Your License If you’ve successfully chosen the name, structure, and location of your business and your paperwork is valid and accurate, the concerned authorities will grant you a management consulting license. Once your consultancy is licensed, you can legally carry out all your planned business activities and leverage government reforms and initiatives for UK entrepreneurs. What Is the Cost of Getting a Management Consultancy License? By now, you know the prerequisites for a management consultancy license application. The management consultancy license cost in Dubai primarily depends on your business location and business activities, besides a few factors such as visas and proof of qualifications. So, although the license cost can be quite variable, the license fee starts from AED 12,000. Shuraa UK branch’s knowledgeable
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