Home Based Business in Dubai

Guide to Start Home Based Business in Dubai

There is no doubt in the fact that Dubai has worked towards ramping up its efforts to diversify business opportunities, including home-based business in Dubai. Today, more than 5000 British businesses operate across the UAE. To the surprise of many entrepreneurs, the UK’s interest in setting up businesses in Dubai increased by 192% between 2015 and 2018. It is a strong indication that Dubai offers the right environment for British entrepreneurs to set up a new business and enjoy access to the African, Middle Eastern, Central, and South Asian markets. There are already 2.9 million businesses running from entrepreneurs’ homes in the UK, and the UAE is following the suit. You can also start a home-based business in Dubai, given the technological advancements. This blog will walk you through all the advantages, requirements and the process of starting one. But before that, you must understand what a home-based business is. What is a Home Based Business in Dubai?  Given the circumstances and technological advancements, work from home has become the new normal in the past few years. Moreover, many entrepreneurs across the globe operate their businesses from the comfort of their homes. Unlike other businesses, you do not need a physical office to start your business operations from home.  To legalise your home-based business and conduct any type of trade, you must acquire an e-trading license. It has been simple to get an e-trading license in Dubai ever since the government’s bid to support SMEs. This initiative has boosted the issuance of e-trading licenses in the UAE. And why not? There are ample benefits to starting a home-based business. Benefits of Starting a Home-Based Business in Dubai Acquiring a home business license in Dubai offers many advantages for entrepreneurs. The primary benefit is working comfortably from your home, which can be very convenient too. Besides, some of the most prominent benefits that you can enjoy from a home-based business are: Be your own leader and boss. Enjoy the advantage of more flexibility and comfort; work at any time and anywhere you want. Choose your clientele and consumers. Get 100% ownership of your business since there is no need for a local sponsor.  There is no need for a physical office.  Home-based businesses are cost-efficient.  Get constant support from the Dubai government.  Leverage the advanced technological facilities offered by Dubai to grow your business rapidly.  You don’t have to pay any type of taxes, whether income tax, corporate tax or others.  Minimal to no capital investment is required.  Get a ‘Custom Client Code’ from Dubai Customs and facilities import and export.  What are the Requirements to Start a Home-Based Business in Dubai? If you decide to start a home-based business in Dubai, you must fulfill the following legal requirements: An FAIC establishment card Membership from the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation Permission for up to 3 work permits  Trade name reservation Registration of business activities Apply for an e-trader license What is the Process to Apply for a Home-Based Business License in Dubai? Here’s what you need to do to acquire a home business license in Dubai:  Identify the Nature of Your Business Activity Determine Your Company’s Legal Structure Register the Trade Name Apply for Initial Approval Create LSA or MOA Choose Your Business Location Apply for Additional Government Approvals Submit Required Documents Pay Fees and Collect License Top 6 Trending Home-Based Business Ideas in Dubai Starting a home-based business in Dubai, all you need is robust internet connectivity, an intelligent device, and skills in your field of interest. To help you choose suitable business activities, here is a list of the top 6 home-based business ideas in Dubai: 1. Freelancing If you have got the required skills, qualifications, and experience in the niche, you can choose to offer freelance services. Some of the common freelance niches are content writing, digital marketing, digital art, and graphic design.  2. Home Bakery People of the UAE like devouring sweet dishes and bakery items. And since they’re super conscious about their diet, they prefer homemade, custom-baked savouries. Hence, you have an excellent opportunity to start a bakery from the comfort of your home.  3. Social Media Marketing Social and digital marketing is one of the rapidly growing, in-demand businesses. Many SMEs search for the appropriate agencies or freelance social media marketing services providers who can help them grow their business by leveraging digital channels.  4. Dropshipping You can sell products directly from suppliers to your customers through drop shipping without purchasing any stock upfront. You need to set up an eCommerce website, market the business and attract customers online. They place orders on your eCommerce site, and you must ship them accordingly.  5. Boutique The Emirati people are very conscious of their appearance and enjoy shopping for designer clothes. Therefore, if you have an interest and skills in fashion, you can start a boutique from the comfort of your home. 6. Consulting If you have the expertise and appropriate experience in a particular niche, opening a home-based consultancy is one of the most straightforward home-based business ideas in Dubai. It does not require any physical office and can be done remotely.  Connect With the Shuraa UK Branch Now that you know the benefits and process of starting a home-based business in Dubai along with top home-based business ideas in Dubai, wait no more. You can complete the registration process in just a few days and start business activities from your home with ease. If you still have any confusion or doubts about the home-based business establishment process, you can seek help from experienced business setup consultants.  The business setup consultants at the Shuraa UK branch are well versed with the whole process and required legalities. We can guide you at every step, clear all your doubts and complete the registration on your behalf in much less time. Moreover, we can help you acquire your home business license in Dubai at affordable rates. All you need to do
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