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How to Obtain a Consultancy License in Dubai, UAE?

In today’s world, expertise of any kind can be monetised. Several decades back, people relied on advice from professional networks, family, and friends for important life decisions, career paths, and business strategies. Nowadays, individuals with expertise in particular fields can set up their consultancy business in Dubai, all due to the opportunity to acquire a consultancy license in Dubai. Shuraa Business Setup provides detailed information about consultancy licenses in Dubai and the associated costs in the UAE. To learn more, continue reading.  Advantages of Establishing a Consultancy in the UAE  The benefits of initiating a consultancy in the UAE are plentiful, encompassing:  Swift Business Establishment: Acquiring your consultancy license in the UAE can be accomplished in under two hours, ensuring a rapid setup process.  Investor Advantages: The UAE provides many financial incentives, including complete foreign ownership, full profit repatriation, extensive networking prospects, and no mandatory share capital, fostering an investor-friendly environment.  Flexibility: Launching a consultancy in the UAE grants you the freedom to manage your schedule and clientele, enabling you to cater to customers globally.  Diverse Service Offerings: You can specialise in a broad spectrum of industries, ranging from education and engineering to tourism and transportation, broadening your scope of services.  Financial Feasibility: You can establish your consultancy with minimal capital investment, ensuring economic viability without compromising the quality of your services.  Growth Opportunities: Businesses in their initial stages often seek external expertise for strategy and resource management. As a local consultant, you are well-positioned to seize these opportunities, facilitating your consultancy’s growth.   Varieties of Consultancy Licenses in the UAE  For those aspiring to launch a consultancy venture in the UAE, there is a diverse array of consultancy licenses to select from. Some of the sought-after consultancy licenses in the UAE encompass:  HR Consulting  Project Management Consulting  Accounting and Finance Consulting  Business Setup Consulting  Financial Advisory  Sales and Marketing Consultancy  Strategic Marketing Consulting  Process and Operations Management Consulting  Industrial Consulting  Strategy Building Consultancy  Logistics and Shipping Consulting  IT Consulting  Engineering Consultancy  Legal Consulting  Investment Consulting  Market Research Consulting  Risk Management and Compliance Consulting  Procedure for Acquiring a Consultancy License in the UAE  Obtaining a consultancy license in the UAE involves several steps:  Document Submission: Begin by submitting your necessary documents. You can get your consultancy license in the UAE in less than two hours if approved.  E-Channel Applications: Upon approval, register and apply for your entry permit, which remains valid for up to 60 days.  Status Change Confirmation: Upon receiving your entry permit, confirm your status change to establish your consultancy officially.  Medical Test and Emirates ID Application: Undergo your medical examination and apply for your Emirates ID card. This ID enables you to open a bank account, rent property, and enter into contracts.  Residence Visa Approval: Throughout this process, Shuraa business setup advisors will provide guidance and support at every step, ensuring a smooth and successful establishment of your consultancy.  Documents Needed for License Application  The provision of advice is classified as a professional activity. Hence, you can acquire a management consultancy license in Dubai mainland, free zone, or commercial. The Department of Economic Development (DED) issues such businesses’ permits. To apply for a consultancy license in Dubai, you must prepare the following documents:  Completed Application Form: Fill out the application form and provide the necessary documents supporting your business.  Passport and Visa Copies: Submit copies of your passport and visa and those of your partners.  Passport-Size Photos: Include two coloured passport-size photos with your application.  Government Approvals: Depending on the type of consultancy firm you wish to establish, provide copies of specific approvals obtained from relevant government authorities.  Unified Number for Shareholders: If your shareholders are on a visit visa, furnish their cooperative number.  Consultancy License Cost in UAE  The consultancy license cost in UAE is AED 6500 to AED 24,500*, encompassing both co-working spaces and the lease agreement. Nevertheless, it’s essential to consider additional expenses when obtaining your consultancy license in the UAE. For a precise and customised cost estimate tailored to your business needs, feel free to contact our approachable business advisors at Shuraa Business Setup.  Whether you’re seeking a management consultancy license in Dubai or an HR consultancy license, Shuraa is here to assist you throughout the process. Why halt your journey to obtain a consultancy license in Dubai, especially when we are offering to cover the costs of your lifetime investor visa? Reach out to us today.    FAQs  Q1. How do I get a consultancy license in Dubai, UAE?  In the digital age, expertise can be monetised, allowing individuals to establish their consultancies in Dubai. Shuraa Business Setup provides detailed information and guidance on obtaining consultancy licenses and associated costs.  Q2. What are the advantages of setting up a consultancy in the UAE?  Launching a consultancy in the UAE offers benefits such as rapid setup, investor incentives, flexible scheduling, diverse service opportunities, financial feasibility, and growth prospects.   Q3. What’s the cost of a consultancy license in the UAE?  The consultancy license in the UAE starts from AED 6500 to AED 24,500*, covering co-working spaces and lease agreements. For a precise quote tailored to your needs, contact Shuraa Business Setup. 
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