How to open a Restaurant in Dubai?

Open a Restaurant in Dubai

How to open a Restaurant in Dubai?

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Entrepreneurs and business investors in the UK are no aliens to the food industry. A home for mouth-watering delicacies and luxurious cuisines – the UK is on everyone’s list when it comes to food. 

Therefore, if you want to open a restaurant in Dubai, you’re headed in the right direction. Dubai enjoys a massive influx of tourists each year and the numbers continue to grow exponentially. 

Tourism in the Emirates and the overall love that all the citizens also have for food make it a profitable venture to invest your money in. You can connect with the business experts at the Shuraa UK branch, and we’ll help you establish your restaurant business in Dubai. 

What is a restaurant business in Dubai? 

Opening a restaurant in the UAE is an excellent investment choice if you have sufficient knowledge about how this industry works. A restaurant business offers delectable meals alongside a good ambiance and a wholesome food experience. 

Be it a fine dining outlet, eatery, fast food corner, cafe, or any other food-related venture – all must follow the “food code” protocols established by the government. 

The best part is that you can launch your restaurant business in the mainland region as well as in any of the free zones. A mainland establishment gives you the freedom to trade within Dubai and all across the UAE. 

Free zones, on the other hand, have their own benefits. Some of these include cost-effective business formation, hassle-free resource availability, lenient business laws, and much more. 

What are the steps to set up a restaurant in Dubai? 

The UK’s entrepreneurs can follow the steps mentioned below to launch a restaurant in the UAE:

Devise a business plan

“A goal without a plan is just a wish” is a statement that truly highlights the importance of planning in the business world. Therefore, spend sufficient time to devise the perfect business plan for your restaurant business in the Emirates. 

Study your competitors, identify your shortcomings, and blend them all together to come up with unique propositions for your food venture. Prioritise food quality over everything else since it’s a differentiator that can help you generate sizable revenue right from the start. 

Pay attention to the packaging boxes and containers used for home delivery orders. In addition, don’t hesitate to experiment with your offerings and be open to taking constructive feedback from your customers.

Choose a location

Where do you want to open a restaurant in Dubai? Will it be in the mainland region, or you’ve already finalised a free zone for your food venture? All these questions must be answered before you open your company in Dubai. 

DMCC (Dubai multi commodities centre) is a prominent free zone for launching a food company in Dubai. It’s better to avoid industrial and residence-oriented free economic zones for opening a restaurant as it limits your reach. 

Furthermore, understand the demographics of your target audience and make an educated decision regarding your restaurant’s location. You can connect with the location experts at the Shuraa UK branch if you’re unable to decide on the ideal business location for your business.

Secure the required licenses

You can’t conduct any business activities in the UAE if you don’t have a legitimate trading license. Therefore, investors should secure a food license from the Department of Food and Safety to get started.  

Next, you can apply for a trading license that you can get from the DED or the concerned jurisdiction. However, that’s not it. You also need to obtain consent from the DTCM (Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing). 

You can start your business operations legally once you have all these approvals alongside a valid trading license. Furthermore, don’t forget to renew your restaurant license in Dubai annually.

Apply for additional approvals

Business activities like foodstuff trading, procurement, serving of alcohol, etc., require additional approvals from the concerned administrative bodies. Therefore, you must secure these first before you proceed with your operational activities. 

You don’t need to worry about these approvals when you work with the licensing professionals at the Shuraa UK branch. We provide end-to-end business assistance at highly competitive prices.

Finalise the menu and restaurant’s layout

Having a minimum area of 750 sq feet with at least 300 sq feet reserved for the kitchen are a few among the many infrastructural guidelines for opening and maintaining a restaurant in Dubai. 

In addition, your restaurant should boast an efficient chimney, fireproof walls, high-quality and germ-free food containers, etc. 

Once everything’s finalised for your restaurant’s interior and exterior design, you can shift your focus toward drafting a catchy menu. The menu should be able to showcase the love and passion you have for food. It’s something that leaves a lasting impression on the customers. 

Benefits of a restaurant business in Dubai

Listed below are some of the advantages of setting up a restaurant in Dubai: 

  • You can make considerable profits right from the start when you open a restaurant in Dubai. This is possible because of the business-friendly laws, minimal taxation norms, and affordable business solutions. 
  • Dubai boasts a diversified population of people belonging to different religions, cultures, and traditions. Therefore, you can devise a menu that can cater to the food needs of most of these people. 

What is the cost of opening a restaurant in Dubai? 

The overall cost of opening a restaurant in Dubai starts at AED 15,000 to AED 50,000. You need to secure several approvals & licenses, pay government fees for various formalities, and much more. 

Remember that the restaurant license in Dubai cost isn’t a one-time venture. You need to renew this license each year at least a month before it expires to extend its validity. Note that businesses with invalid licenses are subject to repercussive actions from the government. 

Launch your restaurant in Dubai! 

Setting up a restaurant business in the UAE is easier than ever, thanks to the well-defined business incorporation procedures. So, if you too want to open a restaurant in Dubai, now is the right time. 

You can reap ample benefits and grab amazing business opportunities when you start your dream venture in this region. Therefore, waste no more time, and connect with the company formation experts at the Shuraa UK branch to get started. 

We provide affordable business setup packages and end-to-end solutions to help you find a home for your business in the United Arab Emirates! 

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