Open a Clinic in Dubai

How to Open a Clinic in Dubai?

The UAE is increasingly becoming a draw for UK healthcare providers to set up centres that serve as medical hubs for patients both locally and overseas while bringing in revenues for their hospitals in Britain. Various renowned hospital brands open a clinic in Dubai (branches) for a host of reasons. A few of which are: to expand their patient base, diversify revenue streams and conduct research. 

Dubai is pushing to become a globally leading healthcare destination. Moreover, in 2015, according to the Dubai Health Authority, 26 hospitals in Dubai received 632,000 medical tourists, 53% of which were from the UAE and 47% from other countries across the globe. 

As part of its Health Strategy 2021, Dubai aims to attract 500,000 foreign patients a year within four years. The government’s national strategy, “to develop health care as a medical tourism hub,” is another factor encouraging UK hospitals’ and clinics’ push into this country.

After reading these facts and figures, it is only natural if you want to open a clinic in Dubai too. This blog will walk you through the benefits, documents, registration and licence process, and the costs involved. Let’s dive in!

What are The Benefits of Opening a Clinic in Dubai?

Getting a private clinic licence in Dubai can benefit you in many ways. Here are a few prominent ones: 

  1. Avoid paying any taxes
  2. 100% repatriation of profits and capital
  3. Wealthy local and international patients from across the globe
  4. Highly supportive government
  5. Ability to recruit from a pool of well-trained staff.
  6. Relatively stable business environment with regulations for medical tourism already in place.

What Are The Required Documents for Opening A Clinic in Dubai?

To set up a medical clinic in Dubai, you need the following documents to get approval from DHA:

  • Passport copies of shareholders.  
  • Visa page or Entry stamp.  
  • Passport size Photograph.  

You may require a few additional documents to set up a medical clinic in Dubai. To know more details about other documents required, reach out to our expert business consultants at Shuraa UK Branch. 

What Are The Steps to Setup a Medical Clinic in Dubai?

The process of setting up a medical clinic in Dubai is relatively straightforward. However, if you’re new to the process, it’s best to seek help from business setup experts to make the process fast and seamless. 

1. Trade Name Reservation

The first step to open a clinic in Dubai is to register and reserve the legal name of your clinic with the Department of Economic Development. It would help if you decided on an easy-to-remember name for your clinic. Also, remember to avoid using abbreviations, or mention of Allah or any region. Moreover, if you want to name your clinic after a person, you must use their full name. Another thing you must check for is whether your clinic name is clashing with a previously established health centre? If so, you must change it. 

2. Initial Approval from DED

Once you have reserved your trade name, you must apply for initial approval. To get initial approval, you need to submit all the necessary documents, including emirates ID, passport and visa copies, trade name reservation slip, location map, plan, etc. If all the documents seem right, the DED officials will grant you the initial approval to get your private clinic licence in Dubai.

3. Approval from DHA

DHA is the significant official body handling all the healthcare services in Dubai. Therefore, it is crucial to take approval from them. To get approval from DHA, you must submit the following documents:

  1. Visa and passport copies
  2. Floor and affection plan for your medical clinic in Dubai
  3. Copy of trade name reservation slip issues by DED
  4. Letter of undertaking
  5. Proposal letter to DHA

4. Wrap Up Documentation

The next step is to gather all the documents and keep them handy. Make sure to double-check all of them before final submission because if you make a mistake in paperwork, you might have to redo all of it. Once you’re sure, submit the documents and wrap up the paperwork. Furthermore, you must wait for the final approval from the government officials. 

5. Final Approval

To get final approval, you must submit a few additional documents to the concerned departments:

  1. A map and property documents of the building of our clinic
  2. DHA licence application
  3. No Objection Certificate
  4. List of healthcare professionals that will work in your office
  5. Registered directors.

6. Private Clinic Licence

The last step is to acquire your medical clinic licence. If you have already submitted the documents, you must wait for the approval mail from the government body. If all your documents are approved, the DED will send an approval mail along with a payment voucher. Pay the required, one-time licence fee to the government within 48 hours of receiving your licence. 

What is The Cost of Opening a Medical Clinic in Dubai?

Usually, the medical clinic licence cost in Dubai is determined according to the required facilities and the location of your clinic. However, to give a rough idea, here is a list of basic costs involved in a medical clinic set up in Dubai.

  1. licence Registration and Approval fee: AED 12,500 (approx)
  2. DHA Approval fee: AED 10,000  (approx)
  3. Immigration Registration fee: AED 1,750 (approx)
  4. Corporate PRO Services fee: AED 15,000 (approx)

Open a Clinic in Dubai With Shuraa!

Now that you are well aware of all the scope, benefits, registration process, and costs involved in setting up a medical clinic in Dubai, wait no more. Partner with a business consultant and start and wrap up the process to open a clinic in Dubai as fast as possible. Since they have done this before, they can better help with the setup process and also make it seamless. 

Company formation experts and legal experts at Shuraa UK Branch are well versed with all the necessary documents you will need, the step-by-step registration process, and obtaining a private clinic licence in Dubai. 

From lending you a helping hand to draft a proper plan for your medical clinic in Dubai to assisting you at every step and acquiring your trade licence at a highly affordable rate, we will do it all. All you need to do this is give us a call and share your business plan and all your requirements. We will take care of it all.