What Is the Cost of Setting Up a Business in Dubai?

cost of setting up a business in Dubai

UK investors and entrepreneurs need not worry about the cost of setting up a business in Dubai anymore. The highly supportive UAE government encourages minimal company set-up costs to promote profitable business opportunities among expats. Moreover, Dubai ranks 25th in the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business ranking record.  

Dubai is the Middle East business hub that offers world-class broadband, zero income tax, and entrepreneur-friendly business laws. Undoubtedly, it’s the right time for UK investors, businessmen, and entrepreneurs to start a business in Dubai 

In this article, you will gain detailed information on the benefits, necessary documentation, and the cost of setting up a company in Dubai.

Types of Costs Involved in Setting Up a Company in Dubai 

If you are a UK entrepreneur planning to set up a business in Dubai, go through the list of below-mentioned business establishment costs. 

1. Cost of Company License 

The most common type of company license is the trade license in Dubai. It is popularly known as a commercial license that designates most of the business activities that any UK investor can carry out while doing business across the UAE.  

The license fee is a recurring cost that needs to be paid every year. The different types of permits needed to launch a company in Dubai are professional, industrial, tourism and commercial licenses. Further, the cost of setting up a business in Dubai relies on the kind of business activities you choose.  

2. Business Registration Fee

The exact registration fee will depend on your business’s legal structure and the chosen location (Free Zone or Mainland). However, the registration cost of a business in the Dubai Free Zone does not vary exceptionally; it is generally about AED 9000 to AED 10000.  

On the other hand, business registration in Dubai Mainland can cost you a little more than registration in the Free Zone. Moreover, UK businessmen now enjoy 100% ownership of the LLC companies in Dubai. Further, there is no need of any UAE national to sponsor your business.    

3. Expense on Securing Office Space

UK investors need to have an office space in Dubai to run business smoothly. An office address is needed as all the legal documentation & notices will be sent to this address only. The rent of office space in Dubai is charged per sq feet annually.  

Moreover, a few rental office spaces in the free zone offer desk spaces to fit your company’s needs, including smart, well-functioning and flexible desks.  

4. Share Capital 

The cost of setting up a company in Dubai also includes the share capital amount. The minimum share capital of a company operating in the free zone can cost you between AED 10,000 and AED 1,000,000 as per your trading licenses and activities. On average, a UK investor can expect a preferable share capital of AED 50,000 for a Free Zone-based company.  

The UAE Business Law does not imply any minimum share capital, but the company must have adequate capital for its establishment. You can expect a minimum share capital of AED 1,00,000 for a business set up in Dubai mainland.   

5. Trademark Registration Fee 

UK investors need to pay a trademark registration fee while setting up a business in Dubai. Moreover, an additional fee is charged to publish your trademark in an official journal. Further, after the validity gets over, you get a time period of 3 months to renew the registration.  

However,  if you fail to renew the trademark within the given time frame, a fine is levied for every delayed month. Additionally, after submitting the renewal form, you need to pay for the trademark renewal too.  

Documents Required to Set Up a Company in Dubai

The necessary documents that a UK investor, businessman, or entrepreneur needs to submit to the concerned authorities for establishing a company in Dubai are:  

  • Passport of the shareholders 
  • Passport size photograph 
  • Entry stamp or Visa page 

For more details, feel free to contact us.  

Advantages of Setting Up a Business in Dubai

Below is the list of benefits that an investor based out of the UK can avail on setting up a company in Dubai:  

1. Central Point for Global Trade

By setting up a business in Dubai, a UK businessman gets access to all Middle East markets. Further, you will get access to markets in Africa, Asia, and Eastern and Southern Europe. Moreover, all this international trade is supported by state-of-art maritime ports and airports. This makes doing business in Dubai an attractive venture for UK investors and other expats.  

2. Tax Benefits 

Dubai offers a complete tax exemption, be it a personal, income or corporate tax. However, only a few businesses may have to pay a standard rate of 5% VAT on specific business practices. Business activities that fall under tax duties are foreign banks and oil-based companies. Further, the excise tax is levied on certain goods that are harmful to the environment or human health. 

3. Quality Life

With an endless plethora of cultures, strong infrastructure, world-famous shopping stores and restaurants, UAE offers many reasons for UK investors to relocate to Dubai. Further, the sunny climate, strategic location and top-class logistical facilities make Dubai a perfect location for UK entrepreneurs to start a business in Dubai. 

4. Supportive Government 

Business-friendly rules and policies aim to make doing business set-up in Dubai quick, easy and profitable. In Dubai, the government offers a supportive climate to empower foreign businesses. This further helps any UK investor to set up, run and achieve long-term business sustainability in Dubai.  

What Is the Cost of Setting Up a Business in Dubai? 

The average cost of setting up a company in Dubai that any UK businessman or investor can expect is about AED 18,500 to AED 30,500*. However, the set-up cost may vary depending on your business activities and location (i.e. Mainland or Free Zone). In addition to this, there are a few extra expenses such as license costs, renting an office space, paying salaries to employees, and others.  


A business setup in Dubai can be one of the most profitable options for you as a UK investor or entrepreneur. Moreover, as compared to the rest of the world, Dubai is a safer option for business setups by expats.  

We, at Shuraa UK Branch with our expert business consultants, can help you establish a company easily in Dubai. So, if you have any queries relating to the cost of setting up a business in Dubai or the process for company formation contact us here. 


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