Benefits of Mainland Business Setup in Dubai

Wondering how you can launch a mainland business setup Dubai and the importance of having a mainland license? Having a mainland license allows you the most freedom and flexibility in expanding and running your business. Given the numerous benefits of doing business in Dubai, including a wide range of trading options, limitless visa permits, and much more, now is an excellent time for any British investor to obtain a mainland license in Dubai. Here’s why! 

During the first half of this year (2022), nearly 45,000 new company licenses were issued in Dubai alone, according to Dubai Economy and Tourism (DET). Although business owners have a wide range of options, local experts on business setup say that an LLC or Limited Liability Company on the mainland is the favoured option in the UAE since it offers more operational flexibility.

With a mainland business setup Dubai you will be able to expand your firm’s branches throughout the UAE. This blog will explain everything you need to know about the UAE Mainland license, including its types, benefits, required documents, process, and cost.

What Are the Types of Mainland License in Dubai?

Here are the types of Dubai mainland license:

1. Commercial Trade License

A commercial trade license is required to conduct any Dubai mainland businesses activities, including purchasing and selling products and commodities. This business license can be used in the UAE to establish an LLC or a single establishment. Both general trading and specialised trading can be done with it. If you are forming a new company, you can engage in trading activities that are specific to your business by requesting the right kind of commercial trade license.

2. Industrial License

Businesses in the UAE that want to engage in industrial or manufacturing-related activities must obtain an industrial trade license, which allows them to carry out operations that involve converting natural resources or incorporating natural resources into their finished goods.

The DED issues this business license; however, additional licenses from other agencies may be required depending on the industrial activity.

3. Professional License

Professional licenses enable individuals and businesses to practise a skilled profession based on their educational background. This license covers craftsmanship, carpentry, consultancy services, printing and publishing, medical services, beauty salons, computer graphic design services, repair services, security services, document clearing, and so on.

What Is the Procedure for Starting a Business in Dubai Mainland?

Forming a mainland corporation in the UAE is a simple process. UK businesspeople can take the following steps to establish a mainland firm in the UAE:

1. Choosing a Commercial Activity

Prior to establishing a business in mainland Dubai, you must first determine the industry in which you will operate. The Department of Economic Development maintains a database of thousands of permitted business activities (DED). Among these are trade, agriculture, hospitality, and manufacturing.

2. Determining the Appropriate Legal Structure

The legal structure is determined primarily by the needs of the business. The legal form is also used to determine whether laws and rules are applicable. An investor in the UAE can choose from the following legal structures:

  • General partnership 
  • Limited partnership
  • Limited liability company (LLC)

3. Choose a Location for Your Business

Any company in the UAE requires a physical location in order to function. The business location and space must comply with both the land planning laws of the surrounding municipalities and the specifications established by the relevant emirate’s Department of Economic Development.

Office and warehouse rental agreements must be made available. In some emirates, the agreements may need to be attested. The agreement must be registered with Ejari in Dubai.

4. Registering the Trade Name

The trade name of one company distinguishes it from another. It also represents the company’s personality and structure. An investor can apply for a trade name through the economic department of each emirate’s website or mobile application.

5. Obtaining Initial Approval

An initial approval indicates that the UAE government has no objections to the company’s establishment in the UAE. Furthermore, it allows the investor to proceed to the next stages of firm formation. It does not, however, grant the right to carry out or engage in commercial activity.

7. Obtain External Approvals

Depending on the nature of your business, you may require additional approvals from various governmental or non-governmental agencies. For example, the municipality, certain banks, embassies, and so on may require certain businesses to obtain approvals.

8.  Apply for a Mainland License

After meeting all the prerequisites, you should apply for a mainland license to the authorities. It is wise to partner with business setup partners for the process. By handling all of the tedious work on your behalf, the business experts may be able to assist you in obtaining the mainland license.

What Documents Are Necessary to Begin a Business in the UAE Mainland?

Every mainland UAE enterprise must adhere to the governing authorities’ documentation standards. For UAE mainland business setup, the following paperwork is required:

  1. A copy of your passport
  2. Passport-size photographs
  3. A copy of your entry visa

Furthermore, you may require additional paperwork depending on your company’s chosen activity, organisational structure, location, and other factors. The experts at the Shuraa UK Branch can provide you with a complete document list based on your company’s needs.

What Is the Cost to Launch a Business in Dubai’s Mainland?

A Dubai mainland license cost in 2022 is around AED 10,000. It may increase depending on additional permissions, visas, taxes, and other charges.

After considering all these factors, a mainland company setup Dubai cost between AED 23,000 and AED 35,000. Our experts at Shuraa UK Branch will help you get your Dubai mainland license at a lower price.

What Are the Benefits of Establishing a Business in Dubai?

Having a business on the UAE’s mainland has several advantages. The following are the benefits of mainland business setup:

  1. Under UAE Companies Law, there is no minimum capital requirement, with the possible exception of what may be required for incorporation.
  2. No visa cap – All employees in the UAE must have work visas, and dependent visas may be issued to their spouses and children based on their income.
  3. Annual audits are not required for companies located on the mainland. This benefit is not available to companies based in free zones.
  4. There are no corporate or personal taxes. Businesses on the continental territory of the UAE are not subject to income taxes. The same can be said for people.

being able to start a versatile business

Get Your Mainland Dubai License With Shuraa

Mainland business setup in Dubai is a simple and easy process if you have the assistance of experts. This is especially true when dealing with reputable and knowledgeable business development firms like Shuraa experts. 

Shuraa UK Branch consultants will guide you through the formation process, paying close attention to every detail. Please visit our offices in India or contact our staff for more information on mainland business setup in Dubai.

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